Tuesday, 21 April 2009

臺北交換明信片網友聚會 /
Postcrossing Meeting, Taipei, Taiwan, 2009

Postcrossing had started to be popular in Taiwan since last September. The web forum, however, was not a common disgussion place for Taiwanese internet users, so people here did not get to know each other as a club or a group. However, a diligent Dutch mother, who sent the most postcards from Taiwan, sent out a proposal through personal message one by one in March, 2009, and made people going to the forum to see what would happen.

12:00 noon, 18 April, 12 postcrossers met in Taipei Main Station without any detail plan but their favorite postcards. Although most people came from Taipei, there were a man from the northernmost city,Keelung, and a woman from the southernmost county,Pingtung, crossing over 400 km.

They went the food court to have lunch, but that was not important at all. Not untill everyone finished their lunch, someone already took out his/her postcards. Everything happened so naturally. They chatted about the experience of postcrossing, the interactivities with other postcrossers in foreign countries, the place to collect postcards, and so on. And the most important, writing postcards. A souvenir postcard was designed by a American designer who was asked by a Taipei postcrosser not showing up, to commemorate the first meeting in Taiwan.

Everyone wrote the postcards so hard and were very happy. At the end, they went to the post office to mail them out. Wait and see, maybe you will get one of the meeting postcards.




I got my souvenir postcard today. Joanna helped me to mail it. So I did not know what everyone wrote. The message was a surprise, like a three-day time capsule.


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