Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Travel in the South / 南境之旅

Vase Rock, Liuchiu, Pingtung, Taiwan Coast in Hengchuen

Alley in Hengchuen Maobitou, Kenting, Taiwan
Dajianshan, Kenting, Taiwan Manjhou

South Gate, Henchueng, Taiwan Pingtung, Taiwan
Old Iron Bridge, Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Park Pingtung

From: Pingtung, Taiwan
Date: 3,4,5 April, 2009
Sender: Dodd
To: L. CHEN, Penpal HSIEH, H. HE, L. LU, i TUNG, D. WANG, S. TSAI, R. LIU, s MAO, a CHEN


I went the southern end of the Taiwan island for a work trip. Before going south, I bought two sets of Pingtung postcards. I also pickec up one from the post office official Taiwan scenic set. I think sending a postcard is a good way to let friends know what you are doing immediately. Or you would never have a chance to talk about the trip. 



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