Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Azalea overdue / 過季杜鵑

postcard 011
原由 Dodd Lu 上載

From: NTU, Taipei , Taiwan
Date: 26 July, 2006
Sender: Y. HUANG


This postcard should be sent in springtime. But I was in the Southern Hemisphere. It arrived in wintertime. Azalea is th flower of my university and usually bloom in early March. Huang bought this at the fair of Azalea and sent in midsummer. Although the flower dropped, the friendship is lasting.


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Saturday, 22 July 2006

Beauties in Beautiful River City / 麗江麗人

postcard 010
原由 Dodd Lu 上載

From: Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan , China
Date: 22 July, 2006
Sender: L. CHEN


Miss Chen spent her holiday in China again.
It seems that she has already been to China several times and her travel preference is  wildness and frontier. Where she goes is still popular tourism places though. Because I read some articles about Lijiang in geography magazines, and I learned Chinese music, I know Nakhi unique culture is a treasure of the world. Every person enjoys different things in travel. This interesting culture may make someone feel bored and old-fashion. However, I always have a open mind to feel the taste of every trip.


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