Wednesday, 1 February 2006

Postcard Year, Lonely Year 2006 /
寂寞的一年,明信片的一年 2006



In 2006, I lived alone in Australia, and sent a lot of postcards to friends in Taiwan. Living alone is not difficult, but sometimes makes me feel lonely. To solve this problem, a companion is not always necessary, however. Writing postcards to share some experiences in travel is also a good expression. A piece of paper is probably not able to make the receiver to know the feelings, but I pretend they are my true friends and do know me. A good frineds is sometimes a listeners, and sometimes I listen to him/her. Travel postcards are always sent at happy moment. So I think I make them feel good.

Well, are all receivers really good friends? After my one-way expression, I can get all these postcards. I have to say thank you very much to all!!

posted on 19/03/09 19:00

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