Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Green Creature / 綠色小精靈

原由 Dodd Lu 上載

From: Taipei, Taiwan
Date: 25 to 31 March, 2009
Sender: Dodd
To: Satu in Finland


Two weeks ago, it was life science week. Department of life science had book sale, and photos, postcards and so on. I bought this card there. It's a tree frog. There are ten species of tree frog in Taiwan, and seven of them are only found in Taiwan. Taiwan is an island located in a very good place for life creatures. We are at subtropical and tropical boundary, so the weather is just right.

I am not an animal expert, so I can not recognise what species it is. So I only told Satu about tree frog in Taiwan. I checked the frog database and I guess it is Orange-Belly Green Tree Frog (Rhacophorus aurantiventris) or Emerald Green Tree Frog(Rhacophorus prasinatus). No matter which it is, it is an endemic and endangered species in Taiwan. Satu likes insects and wild animal postcards. I hope this frog goes well with his other insects. :)



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