Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Introduce the new blog of Dodd for postcard /

The postcards Blog of Dodd Lu is inaugurated today. Although I have joined postcrossing since 30 Octobor, 2008, I have been a postcard fan for a very long time. I try to traced back all my postcards, received and sent, but unfortunately, scanning postcards is not a habbit with me. Thus most postcards here are what I received. Well, let those sent cards be the special gift to the receivers. All articles before this announcement are recall of my collection. I shall share more postcards in the future.

Now I annouce my postcard blog is inaugurated.

今天Dodd LU的明信片部落格,正式啟用。雖然我從2008年10月30日開始參加交換明信片 ,但我已經喜歡明信片很久了。不過很可惜以往我都沒有掃瞄寄出明信片的習慣,所以現在這邊大部分的明信片都是我收到的。但是也沒關係,就讓那些明信片成為收件者的私人小禮物吧!所有在這篇公告之前的文章,都是回溯建檔,未來在和大家分享更多我所寄出和收到的明信片。



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