Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Wind is the Feature / 小島兜風趣

postcard 040
原由 Dodd Lu 上載

From: Penghu, Taiwan
Date: 13 January, 2009
Sender: Dream Brick guest house


This postcard is a reply to my thank you postcard. I visited Penghu as a active participant in September 2008. I did not stayed in this guest house, but the hostess gave me a well guided tour. It is situated in a special village of Penghu, Ai-men. The village is one of the rare villages without fishing port but a beautiful beach. The postcard is a promotion of winter tourism. I started my Penghu life in late November 2007 and ended in July 2008. I love Penghu so much. Everything related to Penghu can make me happy.



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