Friday, 11 June 2010

Buy Postcards / 明信片小團購

I have tried mail order, internet order, and some other non-shop sale. It was great fun to do those consuming activities. But I have never tried group order yet.

In the middle of June, I'm going to travel to an outer isle of Taiwan. Although Taiwan is not a big country, traveling all over around is not easy, especially to outer isle. I have some stamps of the lighthouse on the destination and there is a post office on the isle providing a scenic postmark. I shall seize the chance and prepare some nice postcards for friends. So, I ask A-j Deng and his friend to buy some postcards with me to share the shipment cost.

One famous provider of Taiwan Image postcards is Chao-pang Hsu. He has a website: TaiwanImage. Here, you can check out his works and catalogue. Email the item numbers and payment transfer receipt, you will get what you like. They only charge NT$30 for shipment. Order over NT$2,000 is free for shipment.

After I emailed my order and transfered the payment by ATM on 8 June, I got a little parcel on 10 June. Look at those beautiful postcards and sets.







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