Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Last Glance of Sydney / 回眸一眼

postcard 027
原由 Dodd Lu 上載

From: Sydney, Australia
Date: 30, January, 2007
Sender: Dodd


Postcards with postage sold by the post office are usually the cheapest you can find. I only  bought this one in Australian post office. I decided to use it when I was in Lifou, New Caledonia and posted it on the last day in Australia. It made me feel I was still in Sydney after I have came back to Taiwan for a week. But a few weeks later, It changed to remind me I was not in Sydney anymore. Goodbye Sydney.

寫了那麼多張明信片給別人,最後還是把最便宜的這張給了自己,寫信真的是很有趣的一件事,特別是明信片不附回郵地址,等於是很單向的傾訴,因此寫出去往往就既不起來到底寄了什麼圖片根說了啥!這張雪梨地標夜景,就當作澳洲一年的句點。這裡的人,這裡的事,還有難忘的接觸,是否能再會呢?誰能知道未來的事!寫于利福,離開前一小時 寄自澳洲雪梨。26/1 2007 4:45

posted on 26/03/09 19:50


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